Basics of Stock Market

Basic of Stock Market 

Are you also fascinated by the world of stock market ? Do you also wish to learn the basics of stock market and gain certification by one of the leading institutes of the country ?
If yes then we have something for you !

Myprepway in association with the Institute of financial market courses (IFMC) launches the best course for students who wish to gain insight into the world of stock market.

Leading IIM’s prefer students who are financially aware. This is a special course designed and taught by the research analysts of IFMC , who are in working in the field of stock market since the past 25 years.

This course will give you an edge in your interviews and make you stand out. Not only that it will also open new doors for you to explore the stock market and make you a more financially knowledgeable person in general.
You will also be provided a certificate by IFMC institute upon successful completion of the course.

Course includes 40+ videos which total to approximately 14hrs.
So what are you waiting for start your stock market journey today and gain a new skill set which well tell you apart from the crowd !

What Will You Get?

Pre-recorded classroom Videos41 videos
Total Video Time(14 hrs approx)

Course Fee

Rs 2500/-  

Course  validity

6 months

■ Understand Basics of Investment and types of Investment

Lecture 2
■ Types of Investment Continued
■ Gold, Mutual Funds, Real Estate

Lecture 3
■ Introduction to Capital Market & What is IPO

Lecture 4
■ IPO Continued

Lecture 5
■ How to Apply IPO and How to Analyse IPO

Lecture 6
■ What is Secondary Market?

Lecture 7
■ Secondary Market Continued

Lecture 8
■ Secondary Market Continued

Lecture 9
■ Secondary Market Continued

Lecture 10
What is Trading Disciplines and Corporate action

Lecture 11
■ What is OFS
■ What is Corporate actions like Bonus & Split

Lecture 12
■ Understanding Terms like clearing and Settlement,
■ What is PayinPayour,
■ Broker and Trading Member

Lecture 13
■ What is Market Watch & Trading Window

Lecture 14
■ What is Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 15
■ What is Fundamental Analysis Continued

Lecture 16
■ What is News Based Trading

Lecture 17
■ What is Derivative Market

Lecture 18
■ What is Different Between Cash Market & Future Market

Lecture 19
■ Who are Participant in Derivative Market

Lecture 20
■ What is Economic Calendar,
■ Understanding Data & Event Analysis Practical Trading

Lecture 21
■ What is Option Trading

Lecture 22
■ What is Call Selling or Call Writing

Lecture 23
■ Call Selling or Call Writing Continued

Lecture 24
■ Practical’s on call Options

Lecture 25
■ Practical’s on Call Option Continued

Lecture 26
■ What are Put Options?

Lecture 27
■ How to Hedge with Option Strategies

Lecture 28
■ Headging with Option Strategies Continued

Lecture 29
■ What is trend Analysis, Understanding Candle and UdTS Screener

Lecture 30
■ How to Judge or Analyse Calls of Other Analyst
■ How to generate your own Calls?

Lecture 31
■ What is Currency Market?

Lecture 32
■ Who are Practipant in Currency Market and What are the Factors that Affect Currency Market.

Lecture 33
■ What is Commodity Market

Lecture 34
■ Commodity Market Continued

Lecture 35
■ Golden Rules of Trading

Lecture 36
■ How to start investing & financial planning for beginners? Part-1
■ What is PE ratio?
■ How to Check market is high price or reasonable?
■ Why Index rises and falls

Lecture 37
■ How to start investing & financial planning for beginners? Part 2
■  How to allocate funds?
■  When to invest where to invest for beginners?
■ How to invest in Nifty?

Lecture 38
■ Model Portfolio for Beginners Part – 1
■ Lean How a beginner can make his own long term investment portfolio

Lecture 39
■ Model Portfolio for Beginners Part – 2
■ Lean How a beginner can make his own long term investment portfolio

Lecture 40
■ Lean How a beginner can make his own long term investment portfolio
■ Model Portfolio for Beginners Part – 3

Lecture 41
■ Model Portfolio for Beginners Part – 4
■ Lean How a beginner can make his own long term investment portfolio

For all students age group 18-27

Course Requirements

PC, Laptop, I-pad, Tab, Mobile, with 4G internet

Basics of
Stock Market

By Myprepway
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   
  • Certification : - Yes