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best online coaching for ipm

It is likely that the IPM admissions test for undergraduate management is the toughest to crack. For increased chances of gaining admission, most students prefer online IPMAT coaching through recorded lectures, mock tests and mock interviews.

With coaching classes getting heavily corporateized and new arrivals arriving from time to time it’s difficult to find best institute for ipm preparation. I wanted to give some insight on what to look at when selecting the best training program, expert faculty. Initially, it is important to determine whether a coach is required.

What is IPM?

IPM is a management programme that offers a unique blend BBA plus MBA. It is designed to groom young leaders who are not only well-versed in business, but also have the ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

The IPM curriculum includes core courses in key business disciplines such as marketing, finance, accounting and operations. In addition, students develop strong analytical and communication skills.

The IPM programme is truly unique and provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s ever-changing business world.

IPM coaching can help potential students succeed in this program by providing them with the tools and resources they need to be successful. IPM coaching not only offers tips and advice on how to ace the entrance exam, but also provides guidance on how to make the most of the programme once you’re enrolled.

With IPM Coaching, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible preparation for your IPM journey.

Components of an IPM program

An integrated program in management (IPM) is a specialized educational approach that combines the traditional academic components of business education with professional development experiences designed to prepare students for successful careers in business.

The preparation key components of an IPM program include:

  • A comprehensive study material that covers all aspects of business management, from accounting and finance to marketing and operations on daily basis.
  • A focus on developing essential professional skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Hands-on experience through internships or other experiential learning opportunities.
  • A strong network of teachers, alumni and professionals who can provide preparation guidance and support for interview process.

The integrated approach of an IPM program IIM Rohtak and Indore provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in today’s competitive business world.

If you are seeking a management education that will prepare you for a successful career, an IPM program is the right choice for you.

About BBA and IPM Online Coaching

IPMAT online coaching classes provide on IPMAT & MBAs. IPMAT Coaching online are available on any computer, laptop or smartphone. IPMAT Online Classes / BBA Online Classes plus mock tests aim at offering an authentic class at your place of convenience.

Similarly, the platform gives you the possibility of asking questions immediately and having the faculty answer them instantly. Whether it is in an online meeting, ask any questions or collaborate with your classmates via your own Telegram group.

Myprepway App for IPM preparation online

Are you looking for a way for prepare for the IPMAT exam? Myprepway IPM preparation online can help IPMAT aspirants in the preparation with online course and live classes all you need an active internet connection and a mobile device! IPMAT is a competitive exam that requires students to have strong academic skills.

Myprepway – Apps on Google Play

However, preparing for the exam can be difficult and time-consuming. Myprepway application that is designed to help students prepare in any way for IPMAT.

The app offers features such as mock tests series, quizzes, monthly live sessions and study material PDFs. These resources can help you save time and energy while preparing for the IPMAT exam. In addition, the app is constantly updated with new resources and information. So why wait? Get started today with Myprepway!

Commonly asked questions

The IPM test has 100 questions that should be answered in two hours. The master classes recording is our best session recording with our best faculty. The same concepts that were covered during a live session will also appear in this recording however the faculty will differ. Students have two lectures on the same issue. Both are delivered live on a record. All students should attend live sessions whenever it’s possible.

IPMAT exam pattern 2023-2024

IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak Admissions are carried out in three stages i.e. assessment aptitude assessment, personal assessment, composite scoring, and final interviews. Below you will find an overview of IPMAT exam pattern 2022. IPMAT sections-wise re-organized modes of examination. Number of questions 60. Number of sections 1 (QUALITY and VOICE). The duration of the examination 1.5 hours.

IPM IIM Indore

IIM Indore ipmat was the first institute in the country to launch this one of its kind management programmes in the year 2011. It currently admits 150 students, and the seat intake is speculated to increase in the coming years.

IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya admission

Admission to the IITs is done through JIPMAT 2023. It is conducted in IIM BODHGYAYA and IIM JAMU admission in 5 year batches IPM 2023-28. The JIPMAT exam will take place in May. IIM Bodhgay and IIM Jammu exam pattern type questions Question marks per answer Total marks quantitive abilities 33 4 132 data interpretation and logical reasoning 33 4 132 reading comprehension 33 4 131.

Features of Myprepway IPMAT online coaching courses 2023-2024

The student who has applied for IPMAT, BBA, MBA, Batch 2023-2024 has the option of choosing one or more of these options that they find most comfortable for themselves. Check online course, crash course, preparation guide, and study material, if you’d like a more specific plan. Myprepway also offers you e books for practice. These are the only 5 e books you would need to crack IPMAT exam!

The IPMAT exam preparation books include

  • One quantitative ability book
  • One logical reasoning book
  • One verbal ability book
  • One IPMAT past year solved papers book
  • And one mock test book

Practice questions & tests

5,000+ practice questions with difficulties comparable to that in the past year IPMAT papers – Almost every one has detailed solutions; other videos explain how. 9 mockups of the IIMs Indore, IPM & Rohtek.


Here you will find all the courses for IPM and IPMAT Exam

Myprepway crash course

IPM and BBA entrances prepration crash course

One year course

IPM and BBA entrances prepration one year course

Two year course

IPM and BBA entrances prepration two year course

Mock test series

Myprep latest mock test series 2022

Skill oriented courses

Basics of stock market


Quantitative ability

  • Video Time, Speed and Distance Part 1
  • Video logarithm part 1

Data interpretation

  • Video Data Interpretation Part 1

Verbal ability

  • Video Sentence Completion Part 1
  • Video Common Grammatical Mistakes Part 1

How does Myprepway IPM online coaching help you?

IPM online coaching at Myprepway help achieve high-quality results through the correct preparation tips and the vast amount of study material. We have many other benefits to choosing you:

One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is to take IPM online coaching. There are several advantages to taking an online ipm coaching, such as the ability to complete the course at your own pace and the convenience of being able to access the course materials from anywhere.

Furthermore, most online courses include practice exams and other resources that can help you better prepare for the IPM exam.

When looking for an online ipm coaching, it is important to choose one that is created by experienced IPM experts. The course should cover all of the topics that will be on the exam, and it should provide ample opportunity for practice and review. With so many different options available, there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to preparing for the IPM exam.

Online IPM coaching can help you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and become the best version of yourself.

Doubt clarification

Apart from the built-in discussion forum in which doubts get cleared all over the day students have also got their doubts clarified via Peer-based through Telegram Groups.

Mentorship online classes

It is said that the best way to learn something is by doing it yourself. However, there are times when we need a little guidance to get us started on the right track. That’s where we come in. We provide assistance via Telegram, Message, Phone call and many more, so you can be confident that you’re doing everything you need to prepare yourself. We’re here to help you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance. together, we’ll ensure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

Learn from the best coaching institute

A coaching institute can help you learn from the best and prepare for success. The best coaching institutes hire experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support.

They also have a network of resources and contacts that can help you reach your goals. In addition, coaching institutes typically offer a variety of services, such as tutoring, mock interviews, and resume writing. As a result, they can give you the tools you need to succeed.

So if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, consider enrolling in Myprepway online coaching institute. With the right support, you can reach your full potential.

Which is the best coaching for IPMAT?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best coaching for IPM will vary depending on your individual needs and goals.

However, Myprepway is a great option for those looking for top-notch ipmat coaching. With experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are your seniors already studying in the IPM program.

They also offer comprehensive course study material, mock interviews, topic tests, sectional tests,past year papers, test series designed and curated by Bhavya Taneja and your seniors from IIM for ipmat coaching, access to premium WhatsApp group for peer-to-peer learning and doubt clearance.

Aslo note that Every wrong answer brings a penalty of 1 mark. Myprepway can help you achieve your dreams of getting into a top management program. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Myprepway provides an excellent internet platform to prepare your IPMAT exam online. I am the cofounder of the institute, which has been in operations since its beginning, so I know why we are so different.

Experienced IPMAT IIM Seniors

Myprepway IPM online course all come from highly qualified and respected IPM faculty members and experienced IPMAT IIM seniors who are involved in IPM.

Comprehensive study material

We are prepared exclusively for this test for students who have cleared IPMAT. IPMAT has a priority to me. Other tests follow. These tips and types of tests are perfect for IPMAT preparation and they help make you stand out from your peers.

Live and interactive classes

Get professional coaching service from our experienced faculty during the entire entrance examination preparation process. Providing live training sessions for IPMAT 2023 Admission Exam and 2023 Admission Exams.

Quality mock test series

We created specialized mock tests that took into account past reports as well as forecasting future trending topics. IIM IPM Rohtak mock tests in 5 parts (120 question in each mock tests) and IIM IPM Indore, mock tests in 12 parts with (120 questions in each mock tests) gives you an analysis on how you currently stand in relation to entrance preparation.

Ideal for aspirants with good hold on basics

Find out more… 50% reduction in prices. 750000. 35000 Notes – For the online classes, your session recordings will be a Master Series Recording of the highest quality of your professional career.

Proven results IIM Indore and IIM Rohthak

IPMAT 2020 is proving an excellent year with almost 160+ students receiving calls from IIM Indore and IIM Rohthak.

Streamlined curriculum

With two to three classes per week there is time to learn, practice and revise the content for upcoming classes.

Peer learning

Clear all doubts from teachers or fellow students anytime using an exclusive Telegram group for every batch.


We have thousands of mocks to show how you can compare to your competitors.

IPM Online Coaching (Indore and Rohtak) by Myprepway: Key Highlights

IPM Online Coaching is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective ways to prepare for the IPMAT exams. The IPMAT exam is a national level entrance examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for admission to their five-year integrated programme in management education. The IPMAT exam is considered to be one of the toughest management entrance exams in India with a success rate of less than 3%. However, with proper guidance and coaching, it is possible to crack the IPMAT exam and secure a seat in one of the IIMs. Here are some key highlights of IPM Online Coaching 2022:

  • IPM Online Coaching offers a comprehensive study material which covers all the topics included in the IPMAT syllabus.
  • IPM Online Coaching also provides access to mock tests and practice questions which help students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and improve their problem-solving skills.
  • IPM Online Coaching offers personalized attention and guidance from experienced faculty members who have themselves cracked the IPMAT exam.
  • IPM Online Coaching is a cost-effective way to prepare for the IPMAT exam as it eliminates the need to travel and stay at a coaching institute.

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Time is more important than money

TIRES ARE VITAL Intelligent User Interface laid out in everything. Give yourself an opportunity to learn without wasting the time.

Free resources

Our content is accessible to all platforms without cost. It is no wonder our rivals praise our company so highly.

One size does not fit all

Test this information, you learned it today. I can’t find the answers on my math papers.

Which is the best online coaching for IPMAT?

Myprepway is the best online coaching for ipm the training institution for IIM class, MBA and BBA professionals. The faculty also provides online training and testing programs for IPM. The faculties of IPM careers are well known for their personalized learning sessions, comprehensive study materials and its outstanding mock tests programs.

Can I clear IPMAT without coaching?

It is certainly possible to clear the IPMAT without coaching; however, it will be a more difficult task than if you underwent professional guidance. Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan on studying for the IPMAT on your own:

  • Firstly, the amount of self-discipline required to stay on track is significantly higher when working unaided- it can be easy to get sidetracked or give up entirely without someone pushing you along.
  • Secondly, equation-based questions can be extremely difficult without a teacher to help break them down. Often, simpler questions become much harder when you don’t have access to immediate help.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, practice makes perfect

Does Myprepway have IPMAT?

Yes, Myprepway has online coaching for IPMAT (Indian Institute of Management Aptitude Test). IPMAT is an entrance examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for their five-year integrated programme in management education. Myprepway’s online coachingfor IPMAT comprises of recorded video lectures by experienced faculty, doubt clearance sessions, mock tests and much more. You can get access to the course material anywhere, anytime as per your convenience. The course is designed in such a way that it covers the entire syllabus of IPMAT and also enhances your problem solving and time management skills. So if you’re aiming to crack IPMAT, don’t hesitate to join our online course!

Is IPMAT conducted online?

No, IPMAT is not conducted online. All activities and exams are conducted at specific test centers on specific dates and times.

What is the exam syllabus?

The IPMAT indore exam syllabus will cover the following topics:

Quantitative aptitude syllabus of IPMAT

The syllabus of the Indian Institute of Management Aptitude Test is designed to test the numerical ability and problem-solving skills of the student.

The questions in this section are based on topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, and data interpretation. The questions will be of multiple choice type and the student will have to select the correct answer from the given options.

The syllabus of IPMAT also includes questions on percentiles, decimals, fractions, and ratios. The students taking exams must have a strong understanding of these concepts to score well in this section.

In addition, the candidates must also be able to solve mathematical problems quickly and accurately. The quantitative aptitude syllabus of IPMAT is designed to test the candidate’s ability to understand and solve numerical problems.

Therefore, the candidates who are preparing for this exam must focus on improving their mathematical skills. They must also practice solving different types of numerical problems so that they can develop their problem-solving ability.

Quantitative Ability – Short answers and MCQ

Number System, Average, Mixture & Alligation, Percentage, Profit, Loss and Discount, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Ratio, Proportion, Variation and Partnership, Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance, Sequences and Series, Linear Equations…., Logarithms, Set Theory, Algebra, Mensuration, Coordinate Geometry, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Trigonometry and Its Application, Matrices & Determinants, Geometry, Limit Continuity & Function, Data Interpretation…, Analysis & Sufficiency

Verbal Ability

Grammar, Synonyms & Antonyms, Reading Comprehension, Spotting Errors, Cloze Test series, Sentence Improvement, Fill in the Blanks, Para-Jumbles…, Passage Completion, Idioms and Proverbs

While in IPMAT Rohtak Logical reasoning is also asked

Analogy, Classification, Series, Coding & Decoding, Blood Relation, Direction and Distance, Order and Ranking, Clock and Calendar, Syllogim, Logical Sequence of Words, Venn Diagram, Mathematical Operation, Cube and Dice, Data Sufficiency, Inequalities, AlphaNumeric Series, Analytical Reasoning, Sequencing and Arrangement, Team Selection

 How many seats are there for the IPM?

The current seat matrix is as follows:

  • IIM Indore – 150 seats
  • IIM Rohtak – 180 seats
  • IIM Ranchi – 120 seats
  • IIM Jammu – 60 seats
  • IIM Bodhgaya – 60 seats
  • Total – 570 seats

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